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    Jindex Stock Co., Limited is a professional high-tech enterprise engaged in R&D, production and sales of CAD/CAM equipment. It is one of the world's leading providers of non-metallic intelligent cutting equipment, dedicated to the non-metal industry and provide cutting integrated solutions as well development, production, sales, export & import and related accessories of CAD/CAM software and hardware. Our company aims to improve the modernized enterprises with fast information flow for more than...

    J I N D E X

    Why choose Jindex

    Always strive to meet customer needs

    Strong software compatibility

    latest and highly compatible cutting machine control software, can be compatible with WIN10,WIN8,WIN7 and other systems,control faster and smoother

    Standard aluminum honeycomb platen

    Full standard equipped with precision up to 0.3mm 43MM thick high-strength aluminum honeycomb board, The airflow of the partition adsorption automatically turns on and off with the change of the cutting path, and does not need the manual button switch of the partition inhale to ensure the maximization of the adsorption force of the material in the cutting area

    Improved Oscillating Cutting Head

    Strengthen the improved vibration cutting gun head, long service life, with imported motor and high-end drive to ensure that cutting speed faster is less noise, cutting the end of the material more smooth

    full configuration

    Optional oscillaitng head and other configuration, conveyor feeding and fixed table, 45 degree V knife, pressure wheel, rotary cutter, CCD camera positioning tool, module drive and reinforced rack and pinion drive, etc.



    Always strive to meet customer needs


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    Tel:0755-86290881/5 to 8003、8016、8018、8019

    Contacts:18923737801(wechat)Click there to chat 
with me.


    Email:market@jindex.net | sales@jindex.net


    Address: Jindex Tech. Park, Block 8, Dawei 4rd Rd. Xinqiao Shajing Bao-An Dist.,Shenzhen,Guangdong,China

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